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I’m A Playboy But I Don’t Break Girl’s Hearts, ‘Peru’ Singer, Fireboy Reveals

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Award-winning Afrobeats musician Fireboy has clarified that his new album “Playboy” is not intended to imply that he has a history of breaking people’s hearts.

Fireboy clarified that labeling his playboy doesn’t imply that he is gallivanting among several ladies while simultaneously destroying their hearts while talking about the background of his new album “Playboy.”

He admitted that name tag was an effort to present himself as an artist and a person letting down his guard and coming out of his shell.

“I want to put out a disclaimer that it’s not the kind of playboy you think, or what everybody thinks… not a playboy that breaks your heart, this is just a young man that is starting to come out of his shell to play, express himself, have fun, to experience life, to step into his superstar element.” Fireboy said about the choice to call his album ‘Playboy’.

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Fireboy also said that since he became successful in 2019, the expectations placed on celebrities of caliber have shaped his life. He hopes to enjoy his popularity and success with “Playboy” and, for the first time, live life on his terms.

“I’ve been shying away from it the past couple of years. The past three years of my career I’ve been a blown, established artist so I think it’s time for me to just step out and actually enjoy the fame that I’ve worked for over the past two years.”

Playboy, Fireboy’s third studio album in four years, was released on Friday, August 5, 2022. The CD has received praise from both listeners and critics for its nuance, digestibility, and comprehensiveness.

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