Hairstyles Nigerian men love to see on their women 


Ghana weaving hairstyles

If you look at popular Naija hairstyles, you will see that more than a half of them are various Nigerian braids hairstyles. Of course, nothing can beat the latest Ghana weaving hairstyles in Nigeria in popularity among Nigerian women.

There are dozens of different styles of Ghana weaving, and new ones appear every season. This year women are going crazy over Ghana weaving Shuku, which is native to the Ibadan region and means braids that are formed from the forehead to the back of the neck.

Didi hairstyles

Didi hairstyles are hardly the latest braids that appeared in Nigeria – this Yoruba style has been known for ages, but in 2018 they are going through a new wave of popularity. Didi braids are a great choice for women with short or damaged hair and also look fantastic on kids.


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 Weavon hairstyles

Nigerian hairstyles with attachment remain extremely popular among ladies: they are the perfect way to try on Nigerian hair weaving styles with minimal to no damage to your own hair. Plus, Nigeria hairstyle weavon gives you nearly unlimited freedom for experimenting with different styles and shapes.


You can never go wrong with braids. It is one hairstyle that permits you many ways to style which reduces the chances of boring your man with one stereotyped and monotonous look.

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Low cut

For some men seeing their women on low cut makes them fall over heels all the time. Though the low cut could have come as a result of constant making of hair which resulted into hair breakage, colouration or even stunted growth as the case may be, but one thing for sure about low cut, it showcases all the unique features on the face.

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