YOUR KITCHEN: What you never knew about ‘Wara’

Fried Wara

Nigerian Wara is traditionally made by adding a coagulant called bomubomu in the Yoruba language, to fresh boiling cow’s milk. The Coagulated milk protein and whey (the liquid remaining after milk has been curdled and strained). This milk protein is, however, skimmed off from the whey and sold as Wara.

It turns out that these cute basket moulds are what give Wara its classic, ridged cone shape.

Here are some facts you never knew about the locally made Wara:

Wara is not cheese. It is milk curds achieved by adding a coagulant to fresh milk whereas Cheese is achieved through a process of ageing pressed milk curd. You can call it a local Tofu.

Wara is not a product of fermentation. It is made by boiling milk with some added coagulant to curdle the milk protein.

Wara is very high in protein and therefore really healthy and a good alternative to meat or fish.


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