We are unbeatable, fight us and perish – Fulani Leader tells Nigerians

Malam Ahmad Usman Bello, the national chairman of the Fulani Development Association of Nigeria has asserted the dominance of the Fulani ethnic group over all other ethnic groups in Nigeria.

Speaking in an interview with Tribune newspaper, Bello said there was no ethnic group in Nigeria that could fight the Fulani’s face-to-face.

“Take it or not, Fulanis have remained unbeatable; no ethnic group can fight us face to face. Any ethnic group that fights us will learn a bitter lesson,” the leader of the apex Fulani association in the country said.

Bello said, however, that it is in the interest of the Fulani for there to be peace in Nigeria.

“It is in our own interest that the country lives in peace [and for the country] to be united. If anything happens in Nigeria, we are the ones to lose because we have more people than any other ethnic groups. When you have more people, if any war occurred, certainly we Fulanis would have more dead people to record. And we are not beggars as we are equally blessed with wealth,” Bello said.


Bello said the Fulani had no plans to take over the land of Benue indigenes and stated that if they had wanted to do so, they could have easily done it when the indigenes did not know how to wear clothes.



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