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UK most married man, Ron Sheppard, takes wife No 10

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Ron Sheppard

Ron Sheppard is UK’s most married man

An unlucky-in-love great-grandfather, who is the most married man in Britain, Ron Sheppard, has set his sights on tying the knot again after being ditched by the woman set to be his NINTH wife.

Ron Sheppard was stunned when Cristel Marquez, who is 41 years his junior, walked out on him on Friday, but now says he wants to find someone ‘more mature’.

He has said that around 30 is the ‘perfect age’ and said he is speaking to a number of women on Facebook, Mirror reported.

Ron, 69, thought Cristel, 28, was ‘the one’ until she left while he was out.

He claims the former call centre worker, who is from the Philippines, has been told by the Home Office that she must leave the country.

Ron tied the knot to first wife Margaret back in 1966, and has been periodically divorcing and remarrying since.

He now says he wants to find a bride who is around 30 – which he described as the ‘perfect age’.

The retired holiday camp entertainer from Martock, Somerset, said: “She [Cristel] got a bit stroppy really.

“She was always sitting with her headphones in listening to music. To me she was a bit too young.

“The next will be a bit older. I get a lot of people who write to me on Facebook and they are all younger.

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