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Toyin Lawani Reveals Main Reason She Married Her Young Photographer, Segun Wealth

by Sandra Nwaokolo

Toyin Lawani of Tiannahplacempire, a well-known celebrity stylist and fashion designer, has further discussed the reasons behind her marriage to photographer Segun Wealth.

The serial parent claimed on her Instagram page that despite being a materialistic person, she preferred love to other things in life.

Toyin Lawani shared a video that emphasized on the importance of loving someone who will take of one’s soul and body, she captioned it: “Yes I’m a material girl And I’m willing to work for it ,

but I don’t put it first when choosing a life partner, worry about who wants to see you win, Not the people that what you to conform into what they want ,you can’t see this much talent and want it to just sit in a house and serve you , My dreams matters , your dream matters, Having kids, Having a husband shouldn’t stop them either, You can choose all this and stil choose you, Remember anyone who truly loves you won’t want to change you . They will push you till you achieve your dreams even if it’s not convenient for them . The partner you choice will determine your success. Note that down. Glad I chose you @segun_wealth


ToyinLawani had earlier subtly called out an actress who reduced her age by 10 years.

Lawani made this revelation while reacting to people who lie about their age on the internet.

The mother of three via her verified Instagram page wondered why people, especially female celebrities would reduce their age each time they mark their birthday online.

She wrote: “Please I want to ask a special question? Why do people feel they need to lie about their age?  When kids are younger like 13 they want to claim they are 18, when they get older they want to claim younger, this rubbish is now very rampant,is it for acceptance or what cause I don’t understand, I know one Aunty that is 46 but she is still celebrating 36. I asked her why , she said that was the age nollywood gave her and she accepted it.

Like seriously y’all also need to relax , always quick to call people old and make them feel otherwise, see it’s something graceful to get old, nobody will pray not to get old na Abi ,

If you like paro di thy kingdom come. The time God ordained for you will still be the time. Easy people on the acceptance.

It’s quite irritating with the lies and it’s also irritating on how you people Age shame people in the society.”

ToyinLawani added, “I am speaking my mind not targeting anyone. The drama is too much about this age thing.”

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