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For weight loss, more food will do it

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Most of us have a good idea about the general principles of
healthy eating, but these days there’s also a whole new set of eating hang-ups.
Thanks to the clean-eating movement we’re bombarded with
messages about what we supposedly must eat and what we must avoid. In some
ways, the movement’s been a step in the right direction, with good nutrition
taking centre stage and easier access to ingredients. But — and this is a big
but — it has also created anxiety, fear and confusion around food.
Food is not something to be feared.

My eating plan is about
the concept of ‘positive nutrition’ with a simple but effective pyramid tool. I
want to focus on what you can eat, not what you can’t, and in doing so help you
maintain healthy eating habits for life.

Food pyramid on how to eat right. Credit: Dailymail
The ‘positive nutrition’ pyramid (see table opposite), is a
simple collection of images, each of which represents a single portion of food.
The whole pyramid represents one day, and the aim is to tick off every type of
food pictured.
After you’ve had breakfast and lunch, for example, you can
then see exactly which foods still need to be ticked for your evening meal. You
can then prepare a meal that incorporates those.
Some foods fall into more than one category — for example, a
handful of almonds can be either ‘nuts and seeds’ or ‘protein’ or ‘healthy
fats’. Half a tin of chickpeas could be both ‘starchy carbohydrates’ and
It’s up to you to choose whichever food type you most need,
and work out the rest of your day accordingly.
Importantly, the pyramid doesn’t specify or restrict what
you choose to eat on top of the portions recommended. The foods pictured
represent a suggested minimum.
In fact, some people struggle to include all the vegetables
pictured and work up to this level slowly, starting with just one extra portion
a day.
That doesn’t mean I’m encouraging a completely free rein —
the pyramid will work only when it’s your first priority. It’s then up to you
if you wish to add in foods or drinks that may be nice, but not necessary.
If you don’t manage every food pictured, don’t worry. I
don’t want you to be stuffing yourself with all the remaining portions or
glugging five glasses of water just before bedtime. Neither should you try to
‘catch up’ the next day; each morning, simply start afresh.
Culled from Dailymail

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