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CREATIVITY: Do it your way with Anuoluwa Babalola

by adminV
We will all admit that we need books in almost every stages of our lives
and this week, McBerry will reveal how to creatively make personalised, budget-friendly, pocket
and handy notebooks out of cardboards.
Notebooks really turn out so adorable and they serve several functions.
You could use it in the kitchen as a menu list, to do list, among others.

Ensure you practice this, train your kids about it *trust me, they will
love it* make your desired size, use favourite colour, use decorative paper and
cave out your notebooks.
Cardboards (cover)
Paper (pages of the notebook)
1. Lay out and cut your preferred sized paper on the cardboard (the
paper should be smaller than the cardboard).
2. Cut the white paper into two, take the half piece of paper and cut it
into two. Again, cut it into four small equal pieces.
Fold the small pieces into half.(fold as many as you want the pages of
your notebooks) yes, your notebook is almost ready.
3. Cut your cardboard as well into half. Take a piece and fold into
4. Place the readymade paper into the cardboard.
5. Fold the centre of the unfinished notebooks; this is where will be
glued. Here, you need to remove the paper sharply and apply your glue to the centre
of the cardboard, place each paper in the centre. Hold till it’s dry.
6. Wrap the cardboard inward and ensure its bigger than the paper.

N.B: You may scribble the design of your choice to make it even more beautiful.
McBerry says goodluck!!!

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