Egyptian club signs 75-year-old footballer

Ezz El-Din Bahader

The Egyptian Football Association (EFA) has announced the registration of Ezz El-Din Bahader, a seventy-five year old footballer.

Bahader signed for ‘6th October’, the third-division Egyptian club, for the 2019/20 season.

In a statement on EFA’s website, the footballer is ready to go on the pitch for his club so as to become the oldest footballer to have played the round leather game.

The statement did not give the details of the contract by both club and federation.

“Today, the Egyptian Football Association registered the oldest professional player in the world during the current winter registration period, at the age of 75,” EFA statement read in English language.

“Ezz El-Din Bahader has signed for the October 6 Club in the third division league.

“Ezz El-Din is preparing to enter the Guinness Book of World Records, as he begins participating with his club in the matches invited by the encyclopedia.

“Walid Al-Attar, the Federation’s executive director, received in his office the player and club officials when they came to complete the registration procedures.”

If the 75-year old takes to the field of play, he’ll displace Isaak Hayik, current record holder.

In April, 2019, Hayik, at the age of 73, played for Ironi Or Yehuda, Israeli fourth-tier side.

Meanwhile, Kazuyoshi Miura who plays for Yokohama FC, J-League in Japan, is the oldest current professional player at 52-years of age. He recently signed a contract extension with the club.

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