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EDITORIAL: But really, what does Buhari know?

by adminV

President Muhammadu Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari was a great and intelligent soldier, he loves Nigeria and he is one of the few Nigerians believed to be brutish when it comes to corruption matter (at least before 2015).

As much as President Buhari’s unwavering intention to eradicate corruption when he came to power, the question of what Buhari knows is one that Nigerians should have started asking almost immediately.

At 74 and many uncharacteristic health challenges, Buhari has played himself out by exposing the in-depth knowledge he has about politics and how he is run. Like all Nigerians, Buhari knows the land is ridden with corruption and also like most Nigerians, Buhari doesn’t have the faintest idea of how to combat corruption.

Needless to say, corruption is no respecter of any person; he takes over the pastor on the pulpit when he unconsciously exaggerates; the imam of the mosque has also fallen short by indirectly encouraging violence during a religious crisis, but none of these has anything to do with money. Now that is another thing Buhari doesn’t know.


The president does not know it is not enough to run a government without minister for about five months only to expect magician-like progress after their appointments, the president does not know that it is not enough to have a former MD of a media house and past presidents of Nigerian Guild of Editors as media aides in order to get the best results.

President Buhari doesn’t know that there is a difference between being a former minister of petroleum in a military era and being a president of one of the most difficult countries to government together with being a minister of petroleum?

so, Buhari also didn’t know that the past government he heavily criticised sacked someone on corruption charges only for him to employ the same person?

He also probably didn’t know that whatever weapon you use against one during a fight, especially a political fight will be used against one someday when the table turns?

How could President Buhari not have known or forgot that a vice president is also an integral or a government and must be taken seriously because he represents a group of people that are not pushovers?

How then would the president know that he is responsible for all appointments and recruitments are done under his regime whether he is involved directly or indirectly?

Did Buhari really know why the coach is sacked if the players are not playing well?

Well, if President Buhari, with his many health issues, doesn’t know that the State House clinic that is supposed be responsible for his upkeep doesn’t have a syringe, how would he know that since he approved the payment of Nigeria Airways ex-workers pension and gratuity nothing has been done?

How would he know that an ECOWAS court has ordered the release of Dasuki Sambo over a year ago?

How would he know that as Minister of Petroleum, he needs to approve of everything happening at NNPC?

Does he even know that the minimum wage is N18,000? Does he know Nigeria somewhere in Ibadan, Abakaliki and Kebbi some place have not had access to electricity of good health facilities?

If he doesn’t know anything, he should not forget that his tenure ends in another 19 months and like former President Goodluck Jonathan, all that he didn’t know about or never knew he should know about would stare at him in the face for the rest of his life.


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