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BBNaijaa Season 7: Phyna Calls Groovy A Cheap Boy

by adminV

Phyna, who is facing eviction, has referred to fellow level 2 housemate Groovy as cheap. She told Amaka and Groovy about this earlier today while they were talking about it.

Groovy is a cheap lad, according to Phyna, who claimed to have said it previously and is saying it once more.

Although they have both experienced challenging times, Groovy and Beauty are the level 2 housemates to begin a romance.

Phyna’s comments were made in response to the issues the two housemates were having. Ilebye, a level 2 housemate, and Beauty got into a dispute over dancing with Groovy at the Saturday night celebration.

Ilebaye received a warning for failing to respond to Beauty’s assault, whereas she received a strike for taking action. Groovy, according to Phyna, is the type of guy who will readily fall for any woman who gives him enough love and care.

She and Amaka admonished Groovy to honor Beauty and refrain from mingling with other women. She informed him that other women are welcome to come and play with or sit on the laps of a man who is single. She advised him to respect the fact that she is with Beauty and stick by her.

Amaka further further, threatening to join Beauty in smashing his head if he causes her to cry once more in the BBNaija Season 7 house. Groovy and Beauty were there during the chat.

Now that Beauty is involved, it appears like everyone is doing their best to make a relationship with Groovy work.

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