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5 things you must do before quitting that job

by adminV

There are so many times you have switch jobs because of reasons best known to you, however, many people do not know there are some things to be put in place before quitting a workplace. Below are some things to be done before leaving for a new job:


Making a transition plan does not have to be grand, it is just to ensure everything goes as planned and to ensure you do everything you need to do on your job before leaving. Who will own each of your projects and tasks? Leave nothing out, no matter how small it may seem, this will ensure there is a smooth transitioning. What specific tasks you will complete before exiting your organization and how long you think each action will take. Create a running list of your assignments each month so you can document them as concretely as possible. Share the list with your manager and offer to review it with whoever needs to be informed. Make sure not to forget administrative steps like exiting paperwork and informing the necessary personnel.

Have an exit interview

It is important that you schedule an exit interview with your line manager. While an exit interview is a good opportunity for you to share some constructive feedback, it is also a great opportunity to hear any feedback your boss has for you as you leave the workplace. You can ask about your strengths and weaknesses, where you need to improve and things you can replicate in your new job.

Show appreciation

Appreciate people, those who helped you develop yourself on the job, those who put you through difficult tasks. You can also send goodbye emails to people, this will go a long way in sustaining relationships.

Plan your next move

Do not quit your job without a plan in place. Before jumping ship, plan on what you will do once you leave and if you have another job, consider the benefits and growth opportunities.

Keep in touch

Once you quit, try to keep in touch with some of your colleagues, relationships are important and should be taken as such. They might be of help in the future and they might also need your help. So learn to keep in touch.

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