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Xenophobia: ‎ACT drags S/Africa to UN, AU, says youths major victims‎ of attacks

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A youth group, Advocates for Collective Transformation and Youth
Empowerment Initiative (ACT), has lamented that young Nigerians in South Africa
are major victim of renewed xenophobia attacks in the country, calling on the
Africa Union and United Nations to intervene immediately. 

The group in a press statement signed by its National President, Dr
Oluwatayo Fashogbon and National Secreatery Ifetoluwa Ajayi said ‎it will
‎approach the United Nations Security Council to demand that the United Nations
immediately takes diplomatic measures and military measures to put an end to
the serial xenophobic attacks against Nigerians and other black Africans.
Fashogbon said various international charters allowed immigrants to live
lawfully in country of residences.
“While we condemn the attack on our people in South Africa, we
should not reciprocate with violence but explore all legal and lawful options
to get justice for Nigerians in South Africa.”
Fashogbon called on the Nigerian government to take extra-diplomatic
measures in dealing with the latest deadly assaults.‎
The group urged the Nigerian government to immediately order the closure
of the High Commission of the Republic of South Africa in Lagos and Abuja and
cut all diplomatic ties with the country until safety for Nigerians residing in
the country is guaranteed.‎

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