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See what you can make out of Tiger nuts

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In Nigeria, tiger nuts are term based on tribes, Hausa call it Aya, Yoruba name it Ofi, while Igbo call it Aki Hausa and in the street way (Pidgin), it’s called Hausa’s groundnut.
The most powerful ancient food, which belongs to the plant family Cyperaceae could be fresh, dried or baked and it’s sold by northern men in Nigeria.
The creamy coloured drink works wonder! It surpasses the good and milky taste, but also improving healthy living. 
Tiger nuts, which are good source of vitamins, control blood pressure, regulate blood sugar levels and fight malnutrition.
We will be making the ‘tiger nut drink’ and these are what you will need:
Tiger nuts
·          Wash the tiger nuts thoroughly to remove dirts
·          Soak the tiger nuts for 12hours to soften 
·          Discard the water, rinse the tiger nuts and prepare to blend 
·          Blend repeatedly till its smooth
·          Add your honey and ginger, then blend again 
·          Finally, sieve it to discard the chaff. 

The drink with its sweet and slightly sour taste, is best drunk fresh and chilled within 24 – 48 hours. 

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