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See the basketball star turned pizza boy

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That’s King James, posing as a Pizza employee at Blaze Pizza. PHOTO: BLAZE PIZZA
Meet Ron, the 6ft 8ins first-day employee at Blaze pizza who loves spicy sauce, hails from Michigan and knows absolutely nothing about basketball (honest.)
With his towering stature, customers remark that he looks similar to Miami Heat star

Dwayne Wade, a comparison that Ron admits he hears a lot.

But while Ron may bear resemblance to Wade, he also looks suspiciously like basketball legend LeBron James… perhaps because he is basketball legend LeBron James.
Dailymail reported that the Cleveland Cavaliers player, who is also spokesman and a key investor for blaze Pizza, has appeared in a new viral video for the chain while posing as an employee.
On March 11, in between games against the Lakers on March 10 and the Clippers three days later, LeBron popped into a Blaze store in Pasadena to help serve customers.
In the footage he can be seen ‘shadowing’ another employee, quipping to customers that it’s ‘a very large shadow’.

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