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Samsung debuts TV that rotates to play vertical videos

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Samsung, a multinational South Korean conglomerate headquartered in Seoul, has unveiled a TV that could automatically spin from vertical to horizontal mode for viewing videos made for smartphones.

Dubbed the biggest-ever phone accessory, the Samsung Sero flips from a widescreen TV into portrait mode just like smartphones phones, letting you watch Instagram, Snap and other smartphone videos in their native vertical configurations.

Samsung said the Sero is targeted at millennial and Gen Z consumers who are more likely to use smartphones as their first screen.

“Consumers can expect to enjoy a variety of content – including social media, YouTube and other personal videos – in whatever display orientation mirrors their mobile device,” said the company.

“The Sero combines the cutting-edge functions of Samsung’s top-level displays while providing a new approach to home entertainment technology that meets the needs and habits of the growing mobile viewing audience.”

The rotating Sero TV’s integrated motorized mount allows it to move the screen back and forth while being controlled with the remote button or Samsung’s SmartThings app.

With a Samsung Galaxy phone, users can sync their devices to the TV such that the latter flips automatically when the phone is rotated — although this can be disabled at will.

As reported by several gadget review sites, other devices like iPhones could as well be mirrored on the TV and include extra features such as Apple’s AirPlay 2 system and video streaming.

While its screen and motorized stand aren’t detachable, the brand’s spokesperson was reported to have said that the speaker system takes advantage of this to sound louder than flat-panel TVs.

Samsung’s Sero is only available in a 43-inch size, with the brand set to begin shipping later in 2020. The price for which the product would go is, however, yet to be disclosed.

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