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Revealed! new cause of road accident

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With a handful of vices on hand to run a man rag, OLAWALE OLATUNJI explains in this footage the new road danger.

Despite recent success in curbing road accident by different agencies, there seems to be yet a new headache to lose sleep over on the highway and it has nothing to do with driving under the influence, it is your smartphone!

Yes! the unending romance with one’s phone is enough to get one distracted on the road. Just like a jealous lover, your smartphone wants all the time for itself and when you share/cheat on it by entertaining other things, danger could be looming.
Taking selfie in obscure places is bad enough but the ‘crase’ of making a short video while driving is a double-edged sword; it could, in a split second destroy lot of lives.
As one analyst puts it, excessive engagement of phones is indiscipline. We can hide under the guise of trying to have the world on our hands by monitoring events happening in real time all over the world, we should also understand that a little sleep, a little slumber…
Driving is also a jealous venture, trying to multitask while on it is infidel and the repercussion may be prompt.

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