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Nigeria’s ‘giant’ status delusion

by adminV

Ifeoluwa Dada

You are much familiar with the phrase; “inferiority complex” than with “superiority complex”, ain’t you? Take solace dear friend for you all not sailing alone on that river. So is my country Nigeria. Actually, the superiority complex is not really a problem till it becomes a problem.

I am one who believes one of the problems of this country is the delusion of being a giant. Nigeria has never been a giant, Nigeria was rather a country on a progressive path of development, as a teen, never a grown man. But the FALSEHOOD was sold to us by politicians and their mischievous cronies and we started an arrogant pose that has clipped our progress, hence Nigeria became retarded and has ceased from being a growing teen to a toddler.

When we learn to gather our bruised ego as a country and face the reality of our status and stature, we shall then become blunt with ourselves and face the way forward. A wrong route does not become right because you have walked miles of it, a wrong path remains a wrong path.

For instance, Nigeria cannot afford the over blotted cost governance at all levels of government without doing so at the expense of sustainable development but we are too proud to stoop.

Nigeria can be a giant, but it has never been and is currently not.


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