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Giving 2018 your sincere best shot

by adminV

Emmanuel Dada 

You and I know the feelings, thoughts, planning, mindset, energy that come with the new year, despite all these, it is an unfortunate truth that many do not come near their great dreams and aspirations for the year at the end.
Very few look back in retrospect to 2017 which can describe the year as a fulfilled one thus, making it look impossible to make and keep resolutions. Regardless of all that has happened I want you to know that a new you can still emerge from the old you; it is just a matter of placing priorities right and strengthening your focus to follow through on your plans.
Start again by letting go of what was, so that you can focus on what you would like to experience. It is a new beginning and that holds great potential. Feed yourself continually with optimism, enthusiasm and faith (you don’t pay for them) and you will be surprised of its impact on your well-being in the new year.
Here are a few tips for living a better 2018
Understand that there is power in your perception
Tom Robbins puts it this way “One has not only the ability to perceive the world but an ability to alter one’s perception of it; more simply one can change things by the manner in which one looks at them.”
You have chosen a choice to make in how you perceive every situation that comes your way in the new year. Be positive!
Keep diary
Keeping notes daily will aid your retrospection as you reevaluate the key circumstances that occurred during the day outward and inwardly. It is expected here that you create time (15 minutes at least) before retiring for the night to reflect on the day. You just might find an eye opener that will help you understand yourself more in these daily exercise.
Positive self-talk
Regardless of how you may feel or what you might be going through this year develop the habit of saying positive words to yourself as its builds you self confidence and self esteem thus, ultimately increasing and effecting your performance and maintaining a positive mental attitude.
Finally, the future is a fruit of the seed sown today and every great ending has a beginning.
Give 2018 a great beginning.

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