Food seller burnt to death for allegedly preparing food with water from dead bodies

Mama Aroma

A popular food vendor from Ughelli, Delta State nicknamed ‘Mama Aroma’ has been burnt into ashes by some angry mob in her area after it was revealed that she uses water from a mortuary to prepare her food.

According to a source, Mama Aroma usually hawks her banga rice on a truck in the market and she is the most popular rice seller in that area. Her food always finishes before any other person’s own.

It continued that a mortuary worker who has been seeing her come to the mortuary at night to fetch the water which has been used to bath dead bodies decided to monitor her and see what she uses the water for.

Upon realizing that the Mama Aroma uses the water to prepare food for her customers, he followed her to her joint in the market and raised an alarm.

Customers in the area who have been patronizing her food realizing that they have been eating food made with water from dead bodies descend on her before finally setting her on fire.

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