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FICTION : The barber’s shop, by Ifeoluwa Dada

by adminV

The saying “different strokes for different folks” eventually became
real to Musa. Musa, with fury was punching the air with hot words only
Kamilu understands. Someone had made a mess of his hair. Disgusted
Musa can’t bear why a supposed Senior Barber can’t give a perfect
service of a cut. He is struggling to accept the reality that stares
at him like the Tupac hanging on the wall that he is going to walk
around bareheaded for some weeks now.

Ade is here too and its his turn to rant. Something is wrong. Younger
Segun was here earlier and had left with what Ade wouldn’t agree is
the accurate “change” from the Naira note he had given Segun. Oga
Barber, wetin happen na? Kamilu responded, “Oga mi, na recession o”
“everything don cos” Ade charged further “How much you dey cut head?
200 Naira for this small boy”. The Barber remarked “na so the country
be now Sir”. Isokay…
Just as the conversation got to it’s peak , in comes Papa Emeka in his
weak-white coloured inner wear on an old Ankara wrapper, full of holes
and fading colour. The about a century old man came in with his soiled
tough fingers imprinting on Emeka’s face stamps that would soon make
Emeka forget being a big boy as his peers call him and swim in tears.
Kamilu intervened, “Isokay Sir” “e don do oga” but his intervention
could only earn roar from the disgusted patriarch. “My friend, what is
the meaning of this?” What sir, Kamilu queried, “what I do sir ? “.
The older man replied, “which kin style you cut for this boy head? “.
A grave silence followed but was eventually punctured by Kamilu , ” Na
wetin hin talk say hin want be that, na the style wey dey rain be
that, na Obama dem dey call ham..” He couldn’t finish his unscripted
speech before Emeka became the recipient of another round of “dirty
slaps”. Will Papa Emeka ever give “clean slaps” ?

Back to Musa, nothing was left than a walk. Walking away.

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