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‘Dirty underwear as bad as dirty toilet’

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By Victor Ogunyinka

more emphasis on dirty toilet as a source of disease, expert has warned
that wearing dirty underwear could be as dangerous as dirty toilet.
Dr Taiwo Aderemi, Medical Director of Safepath Hospital, Challenge,
Ibadan, Oyo State explained that though the toilet could be a very
dangerous place when its hygiene is questionable, not taking proper care
of the underwear would also predispose one to diseases.

“If somebody does not take good care of the underwear; wash it properly,
clean it with appropriate detergent or antiseptic, spread it where it
would dry well before wearing and then, frequent washing of such things,
one could be exposed. You don’t use underwear twice whether you are a
male or female. Wear one per day, that’s ideal  then, wash it properly
with detergents and clean water then add little antiseptic if possible
 and then spread to dry.
“The other aspect is the care of the toilet; if you take good care of
your underwear but you carelessly use a dirty toilet, there is the
likelihood of still contracting this infection. The same way for the
toilet if the toilet is clean and the user is dirty, it can still
“If the toilet that is not well taken care of and the users are not
observant enough, they can have contact with lots of microorganisms from
such a toilet. When they are exposed to this, it evades their lower
urinary tract, thereby destroying organs it meets on the way, right from
the organ that is exposed to the toilet directly. In the case of man,
it is the penis and vulva in the case of the woman.
The organism would move up into the bladder then the urethra and to the
kidney. If care is not taken, it can lead to terrible kidney disease,”
he said.

 How often do you wear your undies before wash?

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