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Attitude, behaviour: Any difference?

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Emmanuel Dada

Attitude, though is a word that is widely used in our everyday life, it is less understood by many and streamlined to completely mean behaviour. Attitude is more than just that.

Behaviours are only a component of it. Attitude is a social construct that refers to our relatively enduring evaluation of something, where the sum is called the attitude object. The object might be a person, event, place, product, etc.

My focus is to explain the nature and the strength of attitude and how it can predict behaviours. The above description of attitude as an enduring evaluation denotes that they are not static in nature; varying as the object (person, group, place etc) changes.


ICYMI: What your personalty say about you?

These changes are due to our individual preference, which can either be positive or negative towards an object. For instance, when we make statements such as, I love monkeys; I am crazy about her/her; I hate mathematics… what we are simply doing is expressing (evaluating) the relationship between the self and the object.

The abode for our entire attitude is in our perception of the self. In other words, the way you see things personally by self examination and assertions determines your attitude towards it to other.

Think about it, and analyse the last time you express approval or disapproval towards something. This publication is in series and I shall elaborate on the self concept in relation to attitude.


  • Heritable attitude are the most strongly determined and resistant to change than others.
  • Different people may hold attitudes towards the same object for different reasons.
  • Our natural self wants other to always hold same attitude with us.


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