Home Politics APC lawmaker Smart Adeyemi proposes bill to prohibit same-religion ticket

APC lawmaker Smart Adeyemi proposes bill to prohibit same-religion ticket

by Sandra Nwaokolo

A law to forbid the combined nomination of candidates from the same faith on a ticket has been submitted by Smart Adeyemi, a senator who represents Kogi West on the platform of the All Progressives Congress.

On Sunday, September 4, Adeyemi spoke to reporters and said that the bill, which would prevent a presidential contender from picking a running mate who shares the same religious affiliation, attempts to change the electoral statute.

He stated:

“I hereby propose an amendment of section 84 of the Electoral Act 2022 by inserting a new sub-section 3.

“When this is accommodated, it will serve as a guide against any oversight such as this in the future, as further occurrences will be deemed as silent policies which will be capable of bringing down the fabrics of the nation.

“For me, as a statesman, I owe myself the responsibility to speak the truth at all times, irrespective of mischievous misinterpretations.”

Adeyemi added that though he supports Tinubu and Shettima, the concerns raised by the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) on the Muslim-Muslim ticket are valid.


He said; 

“But we must not confront these issues in such a manner that will obstruct the fabric of our national unity, peace and stability which we have all fought very hard to keep.

“Yes, there have been oversights in key appointments in the past, which tends to keep the Christians at a disadvantage, and this has caused apprehension amongst us.

“However, let us, in unity of faith in our nation and above all, in the almighty God, give our support to the APC presidential and vice-presidential candidates to pilot the affairs of our nation within the stipulated time.”

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