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Of alcohol, drugs and substance abuse

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Alcohol and drugs

Samson Ajobiewe

The world has wickedly moved to a closet technologically and otherwise where people are confined to live directly under the influence of so many substances not just limited to alcohol and drugs. Out of every ten youth sample, 7-8 are drug addicts either voluntary or by reflex. This unsafe act is gradually eating into the moral and psychological fabrics of our safe system of existence.

Alcohol is a drug, which depresses parts of the brain, even at a very low consumption gauge affects the body in so many ways, which include but not limited to the followings; weakness of the body, dizziness, poor coordination and sense of judgment, fake confidence, etc. while at large quantity impairs the system functions by raising the blood pressure, increases risk of coronary heart disease and sometimes stroke later in life. Alcoholic drinks or beverages are drinks that contain ethanol.

ICYMI: Safety and risk assessment at workplace


Drug is either legal or illegal, its legal when it is medically recommended and those obtained without prescriptions either from chemist shops or pharmacy outlet, its illegal when its use is under control by law because of their effects, this makes their supply and use to be limited  to certain degree, this include depressant and stimulants , when these drugs are administered it becomes detrimental because of the high risk  when combined with tasks like driving or machine operations, this cause euphoria, poor coordination, anxiety, depression, etc.

Depressant:; codeine and morphine begin to affect the central nervous system almost immediately after use, because it suppresses the system and hence results in cloudy mental function, slow breathing, etc., these are psychological and physical additive drugs.

Stimulants: cocaine makes people feel lively, awake, energetic and confident, some stimulants gives a sense of well-being generally, when the drug fades off, the user becomes irritable and restless and even when they are desperate for sleep, the drug may still be active hence physiological action and reaction compromised.

In quest to control the societal flow of alcohol and drugs, the government and through moral standards have been able to reduce the use and abuse of these samples thereby starving abusers access to drugs and alcohol, then the option of substances came to limelight, substances that can’t be checked either by breathalyzer or other drug checks, these substances are readily available in form of paints, ink, glue, gas from septic tank vents, degreasing agents, aerosols, etc. Different substance affects individual in different ways, but particularly, the central nervous system, depending on exposure limits, these substances can either cause headache, nausea or unconsciousness and sometimes death. Long time use can cause damage to the brain, kidney and liver.

Most causes of accidents on the highway are not unrelated to the lapses on the part of the drivers as most of them are addicted to taking these enhancers before driving, it has gotten to a stage where they are so addicted that they can’t drive without drinking or taking other substances. The cough syrups that used to be sold for less than 500 gradually jumped to 1000 plus, tramadol now becomes first aid items found inside wallets, water bottles don’t contain water anymore, they now carry mixtures, we all want to be stimulated, we all want to hallucinate, we all want to go slow and into isolations with deep thoughts and thick meditation , but we all careless of the recipient organs in our body systems fighting so hard to accommodate the residual effects of these substances, workers are getting hurt and killed daily during heavy operations because these substances are not compatible with tasks and operations, the bones are suffering from  osteoporosis , the kidney is crying, the liver is fighting hard, the brain functions are depleting, our moral, cultural and psychological  populations  are decreasing every day… is this the end of our moral, cultural and societal agitations to these products?

In conclusion, drugs, alcohol and all these substances are not friends to our immune system; they are not friends to our Central nervous system and will never be compatible with our sense of judgment and coordination.

Say no to drugs, substances and alcohol for they can never be friendly no matter how helpful they may be at the points of our needs of them.

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